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Once a user has purchased a Gamtech Software product they receive free upgrades to that product for the life of the product, there are no charges for upgrades!  Technical Support is provided free of charge to all registered users of our shareware products via email. Most emails are responded to within 24 hours and nearly all problems are addressed within 72 hours.

Email Support:

When contacting us for support be sure to include the following information:

  • Registered Owners Name (Required For Shareware Products)
  • Product Name And Version Number
  • Operating System And Version
  • Complete Description Of Problem (The More Details The Better)
  • Any Actions Attempted And The Results (When did the problem start, shat makes it better, what makes it worse, ...)

We also like to hear suggestions for new features (and even new products).  All our products are user supported and driven. We always want to hear how we can make our products work better.  The basis of shareware is the "Try Before You Buy" concept, but it is also supports user driven development.  Some of our best ideas often come from our registered customers. 


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