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About Us

Gamtech Software was formed in 1987 by Doug Gamble and began developing shareware software for the Commodore 64/128 computer. Our first two Commodore shareware titles, Oakflat Nuclear Reactor Simulator and The Number Machine, were released in late 1987. By 1992 both the titles were released for IBM Personal Computers and 100% compatibles. In recent years we have specialized in encryption software and GUI customization/enhancements for Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8.x/Windows 10.

At Gamtech our philosophy has always been to create technologically superior software at a very reasonable price, without a lot of unnecessary flash or glam that many of today's software companies seem to feel a need to add to some software today.  Our licenses limit the number of machines you can install the software on, but once you purchase a title you receive upgrades for the lifetime of the product.  Software should be a tool that not looks good but works better and lasts. Security software should be simple to use and highly secure. Utilities should be straight forward to use and not get in the way when they are being used. Educational software should not only teach, but should entertain and do each seamlessly!  We value the intellectual property we have created and we want you to value to license you purchase and realize how much we value you as a paying customer.  We expect you to honor our license agreement and not pirate our software (even to yourself) and we will continue to honor your license as you reinstall the software on the same machine or move your installation to new machine.

Our products include Repaper, HotKeys, TabletTool, Screened, CryptED and Oakflat PWR Nuclear Power Plant Simulator. Download, install and evaluate our software. You have 30-days to evaluate and you can make a purchase on-line 24/7 at our secure eCommerce site, free upgrades for the life of the product, and if they do not completely meet your needs you can use our uninstall routines to completely remove the programs and all traces of it forever. What do you have to lose?  Give us a try and find out for yourself!


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