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A 32-bit windows MDI text editor that provides a variety of encryption functions for text and clipboard data.  Text files can be edited and then saved in an encrypted format.  Self-extracting EXE files with a built in text viewer provides strong encryption that can be easily distributed.  Messages can be digitally signed to insure they aren't tappered with once they are encrypted.  Your personal communications are too valuable to risk having them exposed to anyone capible of hacking todays internet email systems (and you would be amazed how easy that is).  If  you send messages electronically you need protect them,font-size: small" and CryptED is the perfect tool for the job...give it a try!  CryptED is a shareware program and can be used without limitations for 30 days.

Features Include:

  • Creates encrypted .GCT files and self-extracting EXE files that can be optionally compressed
  • Creates secure text messages in a self-extracting EXE.
  • Use the free Decrypt.exe program to decrypt GCT files without the CryptED program installed.  Any one can download the freeware Decrypt.exe and use it decrypt messages encrypted with CryptED.
  • Messages can be digitally signed and verified when decrypted to ensure validity of the message contents.
  • All messages are compressed often saving as much as 70% from the original text message size (compression results vary)

Technical Details:

  • Uses 11 different strong symmetric encryption methods (Rijndael, Blowfish, Cast128, Cast256, DES, Mars, Safer+, Serpent, Skipjack. Triple-DES, Twofish)
  • Secures passwords and digitally authenticates text using the one of 5 (including SHA256 and SHA512) secure one-way hash algorithms to create unique numeric signatures of specified data. The SHA512 algorithm was created by National Institute of Standards and Technology along with the National Security Agency, and generates a 512-bit hash
  • Data is compressed using an integrated 32-bit compression library
  • Free upgrades to registered users for the life of the product ... No upgrade fees ever!

Requires Microsoft ® Windows XP (sp2 or higher)/Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8.x/Windows 10 (32/64 bit)
Shareware    $17     ZIP file     (1.34 mb)

Available For Download and/or Purchase Soon


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