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Gamtech Software offers a wide variety of software titles in the area of security software, desktop and system utilities, and educational titles, all available for immediate download and activation through our secure on-line eCommerce site.  All are high quality software programs written for 32-bit windows, and include a working installer/uninstaller that will safely co-exist with the systems they are meant to work with and a complete and well written help file.  Our company and software has survived the test of time, not by being flashy but by working and doing the best job the software was designed to do better than the other guys.  All our programs are compatible with every version of Microsoft ® Windows from XP 32-bit through and including Windows 10 (32 & 64 bit). Give us a try!

What's New

  • All products confirmed Windows 10 compatible (07/29/2015)
  • Oakflat Simulator v3.34 Now Available (04/22/2015)
  • HotKeys v1.25 released (02/25/2012)
  • Screened v1.32 released (3/11/2012)
  • Repaper v4.16 Released (09/22/2012)
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What's Hot!





The Oakflat PWR Nuclear Power Plant Simulator lets the user control all aspects of a 1.5 giga-watt nuclear power plant. The user can allow the computer do all the dirty work or they can control the fuel rods, coolant pumps, damage control, emergency procedures, refueling, and casking of spent fuel. The user also has the option of taking over control slowly as they learn the workings of the plant. Multiple operating speeds, reviews during and at the end of simulations. Fun and educational for all ages!


Provides system wide keyboard "hot-keys" that allow a defined keyboard key combination to perform a specific action when the user presses the specified key combination. Perfect for users who work on 2 different types of computers (like PCs and Mac) where Ctrl-C and Win-C do the same thing, but not on the same computer. Hotkey can finally fix that and more! Need and easy Print-Screen button on than Mac Pro laptop? HotKey can help solve that as well. Give it a try!


A 32-bit windows program that can grab the current screen or the current window, and print or save it as a graphic file. The program runs as a Notification Icon and can be quickly activated using the mouse or print-screen key (PrtScn). Images can even be saved to the Clipboard for use in other programs. Files can be saved in a variety of formats including BMP, GIF, JPG, PNG, and TIF.


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